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Anne-Roos Bakkes

My name is Anne-Roos Bakkes. I'm 21 year old student and have been taking lessons from Thirza for a number of years.


I have been passionate for horses from an early age, but unfortunately I did not get the chance to actually ride until I turned 15. Like almost everyone, I started riding at a riding school. The way of riding and teaching at the riding school did not appeal to me. I was under the assumption that there was a friendlier way of riding and also wanted to learn more about the techniques, so I started my search for a new challenge.


That is when Thirza came on my path, who has ever since taught me an incredible amount of new information on training horses. Very interesting and fun, and of course very challenging too.


I was introduced to Straightness training and Classical Dressage, and learned about the fact that you and your horse are a team that should work together.

Two years later, another challenge was given to me. An 11-year-old gelding, from the dressage sport, who required both mental and physical rehabilitation, named Armando. I was given the opportunity to lease him, and since that day I have with great pleasure.

In recent years, I have learned that the harmony between horse and human is most important and that working with your horse, instead of him working for you, is one of the primary components for success in training with your horse. This is, besides the art of horse riding, what I want to teach riders in my lessons.

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