To fight ignorance or incompetence, you must educate! 

It is the aim to offer an international platform where knowledge can be spread and awareness being created. 

Courses will be centred around: 
- Anatomy & Biomechanics 
- Equine Science
- Classical Training (various methods) 
- Bodywork (various methods)
- Rider fitness 

There are 2 types of courses: 
- 2-4 day international courses in The Netherlands 
- 2-4 day courses in your own country 

Do you want to join a course? Check the agenda for courses all over the world. 

Would you like to have a clinic at your own location? Host a workshop! Request a clinic via the contact button and a file with requirements will be send to you. 


Classical Horse Training

by Thirza Hendriks

© 2018 by Gorilla Hosting

Images by Maybel Pictures

Classical Horse Training 

Sarphatistraat 183-2
1018 GG Amsterdam 

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