• TBD
    2-Day Masterclass - Bywong
    Location Lee-Anne Shepherd
  • TBD
    Closed class - UK
    Sunset Farm
  • Seminar & Practical Clinic - Christchurch
    ESNZ National Equestrian Centre
  • Progressive Private Lessons - Dunedin
    Otago Equestrian Centre
  • Seminar, Practical Clinic & Private lessons Auckland
    66 Wellesley Rd
  • 5-Day Masterclass & Dissection
    Herberg de Brand
  • Online Live Whole Horse Dissection
    Dissection Live Stream
  • Advanced Biomechanical Assessments of the Horse
    Equine Studies
  • Applied Anatomy & Functional Biomechanics
    Online Program
  • Dissection Case Studies - Horse Stories
    Horse Stories Webinar
  • Equine Miracle Myofascial Release Therapy
    De Steenen Poort

Classical Horse Training

by Thirza Hendriks

© 2018 by Gorilla Hosting

Images by Maybel Pictures

Classical Horse Training 

Sarphatistraat 183-2
1018 GG Amsterdam 

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