Export & Mediation

Thirza is an experienced mediator in the purchase of quality horses for clients in Europe, Asia and the United States.


A smooth journey is made possible by having unique and exclusive contracts with various agents for veterinary research, international airlines, quarantine, insurance, custom declarations and NVWA documents. 


She works exclusively with clients / parties that support and complement her philosophy, ensuring and protecting
the optimal well-being of the horse.  

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What can we offer?

  •  'All-inclusive' service from door to door

          - Selecting suitable horses within the desired profile
          - Clinical / radiographic purchase inspection
          - Pre-quarantine blood tests
          - Insurances
          - Purchase contract

  • Training and preparation for quarantaine

  • Quarantine NL / country of destination

  • International transport (flight / truck)

ALL horses are trained for at least 6 weeks in groundwork / lungeing for relaxation and in preparation for the journey to the new owner. On top of that the horse will be trimmed, treated by a therapist and receive dental treatment. This so the horse is physically and mentally balanced to travel its journey in an optimal health.

Enquiries via info@thirzahendriks.com