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Discover the magic of breath work!

Because breath is life

As horse lovers, we pay close attention to the way our horses move. But what about their breathing? Breath and oxygen is essential for their overall functioning, athletic capacity but also their ability to regulate stress.

Do you want to know more about your horse's respiratory system and how to support your horse's breathing? You can learn all about this in our brand-new online course!

🇬🇧 🇳🇱 Note: This course is in English with Dutch support. Later this summer the course will be available for English countries.

Why breathwork can help you and your horse

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The respiratory system and it's connections will allow you to improve your horse's overall functionality, well-being and deepen your connection 


Applicable for every horse lover!

Take advantage of a great Early Bird offer now!

The Breathwork course will go live July 1st 2024 and we would like to celebrate with you! That's why you will receive an Earybird discount on the purchase price until June 20!

Regular price: €69.95

Now temporarily for only €59.95!

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For every horse lover!

Practical videos full of exercises

Learn where and when it suits you

Online Q&A option

"This knowledge is so valuable!"

"I am completely amazed. The techniques I learned in this course are actually relatively simple, but with so many results. Highly recommended"

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What can you find in this course?


Lectures & Dissection footage

Study the anatomy, physiology and common deviations of the respiratory systems and its connections through vivid presentations using extensive dissection footage to bring the respiratory system alive! 


Q&A sessions

We discuss your questions and findings in regularly offered online Q&A sessions. There is the option to submit videos yourself that can be covered in these webinars.


Practical exercises

In 15 clear, simple videos, Thirza takes you into the world of breath work. We discuss the do's and don'ts so that you can get started at home well prepared to practice these techniques at home. 


Case studies 

A few case studies are included in the course where you can see the effect of breath work in practice. 

What you will learn...


Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system & relevant connections


Common pathologies of the respiratory system


Overbreathing in horses and its consequences


Observing and measuring your horse's breathing and heart rate


Practical breathwork exercises 

This is your chance!

Get in before June 20 and take advantage of our great early bird offer.

The course is in (easy understandable) English and is supported with Dutch explanations .

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