Horses in training

Are you ‘stuck’ with your horse? Does your horse have any (past) injuries or mental / biomechanical issues? Do you suffer from any injury? Have just lost feeling or hit the plateau? 

Become part of the solution, not the problem! 

Thirza is an experienced (rehabilitation) trainer using classical principles and works with an unique concept that doesn't exclude you. On the contrary, Thirza believes that is essential to have you, the owner of the horse, involved in the process as that is the only way to guarantee you can properly take over and carry on after the training period has ended. 

What can we offer? 

- Holistic veterinary assessment of your horse
- A full holistic approach combining: 
- A team of professionals working together
- A flexible period from 1-8 months 
- Close involvement of the owner through:
   Watching sessions
   Receiving lessons with both school horses / your own horse
- Checking visits by Thirza after period of training to sustain

   optimal results 
- The well-being of your horse as first priority (ethics) 


Apply here and fill in as many details as relevant.

Applying does not guarantee that your horse will be trained by Thirza, but she will contact you to discuss the options. 

Classical Horse Training

by Thirza Hendriks

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Classical Horse Training 

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