Private lessons

On a limited scale, it is possible to book progressive private lessons.
Thirza is only available for adults and on a limited scale
Anne-Roos is available for children & adults on a larger scale 

Lesson can be given in: 
- Groundwork / Work in Hand 
- Lungeing 
- Riding 

Lessons will always be adjusted to the mental/physical state of the horse and rider in that exact moment. The horse will always be the most important teacher. The instructor is just the translator to help the owner to understand their horse’s needs.

All breeds, age, sexes, levels & disciplines are welcome.

Before every lesson starts, Thirza & Anne-Roos will first assess the movement and mental state of your horse, do a check on your tack and would like to see what you’re doing at home so she can build from there.

Keywords for her lessons are:
- Physical / mental balance & connection
- Lightness & Harmony
- Ethics in training
- Body Awareness
- Absolute respect for the horse
- Training FOR the horse
- Inner picture & feeling
- Anatomy & Biomechanics

Interested? Send an email with your motivation and you'll receive a file with options and pricelist

Classical Horse Training

by Thirza Hendriks

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Classical Horse Training 

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