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Module 1. Anatomy 


In this module you’ll learn about the structural layers of the horse – ossesous, soft tissue, nervous systems organs - and how form dictates function. You’ll learn. What is normal, what is a variation and what is abnormal. 

  • Study the horse inside out through extensive dissection footage 

  • Recognize and interpret muscle linings of the horse 

  • Understand the basics of (selecting) form to function 

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Module 2. Biomechanics 


In this module you’ll learn how to perform a basic assessment and gait analysis for functional movement of the horse. You’ll learn what is normal, what is a variation and what is abnormal.

  • Learn to assess the horse for load capacity and trainability 

  • Perform basic gait analysis on a mechanical and neurological level 

  • Understand holistic and systematic whole-body connections 

  • Understand the influence of injury, pain, and stress on the body

  • Recognize compensation patterns and postural problems 

  • Understand joint movements and their connection 

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Module 3. Management 


In this module you’ll learn how to optimize your horse’s living environment to promote mental
and physical well-being of the horse. 

  • Understand the basic needs of your horses 

  • Understand and implement passive physio for horses 

  • Understand and implement basic brainwork for horses 

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Module 4. Bodywork 


In this module you’ll learn how to use active and passive mobilizations to optimize 
your horse’s breathing, lower stress levels and improve body awareness. 


  • Perform Passive & Active mobilizations to support your horse when needed 

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Module 5. Training 


In this module you’ll learn the basics of implementing functional training and exercise physiology for your horse. You will learn to implement exercises and concepts that will contribute to balance, posture, self-carriage and lightness of your horse. 

  • Understand basic exercise physiology 

  • Understand 5 elements of fitness – coordination, suppleness, speed, power & endurance 

  • Implement 5 training positions – GW, work in hand, lungeing, long-reigning & riding

  • Learn about the why and how of executing functional exercises including ultimate basics, lateral exercises, tempo transitions, fieldwork & coordination exercises.

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Every month, there will be an interactive webinar every last Wednesday of the month with either Thirza Hendriks or (international) guest speakers.

Times will be in CE(S)T. Can’t watch them live? Don’t 

worry – the webinars will all be archived in the portal and remain available for replay for the full duration of the course. 

Webinar topics & dates will be announced in the monthly newsletter. 


Some modules contain voluntary homework assignments that will allow you to put theory into practice.

When relevant, assignments will be announced in the monthly newsletter and can be submitted for review within a 4-week period. 

Online Lessons

For students wishing personal one-on-one guidance with their horses they can apply for online lessons via zoom and submit an assessment / training video.

During 4 online sessions of 45 min Thirza will go over the material with you and give you advice on the load capacity of your horse and how to optimize your training program. 


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Course structure


This contains both videos as well as complementary manuals 

The learning material is structured as following: 

  • Introduction 

  • Theory lecture(s)

  • Practical sessions 

  • Closure 

Modules will be released gradually (drip approach) on a monthly basis. 

This course is mainly a self-study course that you can complete in your own time. However, the additional learning sources provide the opportunity for regular interaction to your liking. 

You will receive an email newsletter on a monthly basis (first week of every new month) containing the following information: 

  • Webinar dates (every last Wednesday) 

  • Study advice 

  • Updates on the program 

Finally, this course has a closed FB group and/or website forum that you
can use to ask all your questions. The name of the group is: 

Functional Horse Training – Fundamentals Course


This course is valid for 12 months – after which you can extend if necessary. 


After the full period of 12 months a CPD certificate can be provided upon request 

Cancellation policy 
This is a non-refundable product and the general terms and conditions of 2023/2024 apply


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