Thirza Hendriks

Thirza Hendriks is a professional classical horse

trainer based in The Netherlands. 

Thirza distinguishes herself by specializing in Equine Rehabilitation, offering a full holistic approach that encompasses:
- Management
- Bodywork
- Classical Training 

Growing up in a non-horse family, she had to nurture her hobby all by herself. By the age of 12 she managed to get her first lessons at a local breeder in exchange for stable work. Unfortunately, after just a few months, the horse she enjoyed her lessons with got a severe tendon injury and was about to be put to sleep. 

As the stable owner felt sorry, he provided Thirza the opportunity to postpone it for one month so she could have a proper goodbye. However, aged just 13, she managed to improve the horse drastically within that small period. The owner was so impressed that he gave the horse more time in Thirza’s care and she managed to get her fully back on trace, extending the horses life with 8 more pain free and happy years. 


After her first ‘succes’, she was offered to train several horses for the owner. She successfully started to compete and by the age of 17 added teaching to her experience. 


By the age of 18, she bought her first horse and started studying Political Science at Leiden University, leaving the horses as just a hobby and pursuing her great other interest: traveling.


Thirza's results and renewed passion didn't go unnoticed which led to more and more people struggling with the same situations asking her help and advice. 


In 2015, she took a leap of faith and started her own business Classical Horse Training. By now, Thirza has helped rehabiliating over more than 50 horses word wide and teaches all over the world including Europe, Asia, Northern America & Australia. 


Her philosophy is defined into 2 main areas: 

- Anatomy & Biomechanics 

- Balance & Lightness 


Her goals are: 

- To help and educate both humans and horses

- To offer a platform for likeminded people all over the world

Thirza believes that working with horses is a form of art and in her teaching she will provide you with the knowledge and skills so you can go home as a refined artist, ready to work with your own canvas back home. In the words of Nuno di Oliveira:

 ‘‘Equestrian art is the perfect understanding between the rider and the horse.  To practice Equestrian Art is to establish a conversation on a higher level with the horse. A dialogue of courtesy and finesse. It is not the exhibition of a great deal of different movements, but rather the conversation and the horse’s enjoyment during the movements, which calls for comparison with the finest ballet’‘


When returning to The Netherlands, she started picking up competing and teaching again as a ‘student job’ next to her education. This is when she started noticing that some common used methods didn’t work out with a lot of horses and ultimately damaging the horse in the long term. 

On top of that, her own horse got injury after injury. The vets gave up on her, but Thirza refused as she still saw a lot of fighting power in her horse. This situation led to a hunger for new and alternative information about training and treating horses. 

Determined to help her horse as much as she could, hours and hours were spent on different educations and a lot of trial and error. And ultimately, against all odds, the hard work paid off. The horse that once was labelled 'impossible and beyond saving' became a light, proud and majestic horse. A relationship defined by mis-communication, resistance, pain, disbalance and fighting was now replaced by a beautiful harmonious partnership that resulted in willingness, balance & lightness. The feeling of immense change and connection with such a powerful animal was sensational.

Classical Horse Training

by Thirza Hendriks

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Classical Horse Training 

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